Behavior Technician Study Guide


This is a comprehensive study guide covering all of the RBT® task list 2nd edition.    Great examples of all the terminology.  This guide will help you organize your studying and create a plan to pass the exam!  This study guide goes over each item on the task list in easy to understand language.

Written Guide

Each item in the task list is organized by subject. This guide will help you organize your studying, and identify areas that you may need more support in.

Fluency Questions

There are fluency fill-in questions after every section. These items are either statements or questions, which are missing a vocabulary term. These items will help build your fluency with the vocabulary.

Crossword Puzzles

There are 9 crossword puzzles in this study guide with between 8 and 12 items each. These puzzles are intended to help you build fluency with the vocabulary terms. Some terms are in acronym form and some are written out.


We created a 1-sentence glossary to help you create flash cards or a SAFEMED deck.

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