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12 Hours of Instruction

12 hour of zoom instruction with a BCBA (who passed on the first try). Packed full of examples and study tips that will help you pass!

Foundations Course

Our fun game course with activities to make sure you know your foundations. Drag and drop activities, matching, flashcards, and more. Immediate access. $69 value!

1 Mock Exam

Access to 1 full mock exam with 150 questions. You will be able to take this mock exam 4 times. $30 Value!


Continual support from our BCBAs to get you through this exam cycle! Value-priceless!

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Dr. Jaime Flowers


Jaime Flowers is a professor at Stephen F. Austin University.  She teaches in ABA courses and School Psychology courses.  She is passionate about helping people pass their exams and become great practitioners.   She loves disseminating ABA to the world.   She has created a successful CEU program and RBT online training program.  

Trudy Georgio


Trudy is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. Her  professional training, experience, and academics are based primarily in the field of ABA using a variety of approaches such as functional behavior assessments to intervention design and implementation. She trains and supervises BACB students, Registered Behavior Technicians, and conducts  family and community trainings.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are you?

My name is Dr. Jaime Flowers, I have a PhD in School Psychology and a BCBA.  I have a bunch of other letters that come after my name that have nothing to do with ABA.  I passed the BCBA® on my first try in 2012.  I am currently an Assistant Professor in School Psychology at Stephen F. Austin State University.

I started teaching the BCBA course sequence at National University and Kaplan University 8 years ago. At that time there was no material to study from so I started making my students mock exams and quizzes. These have been sitting on my computer for the past few years and I thought why not use them to help others.

The questions are material I created. Please do not replicate the material without my permission. Feel free to use it to study.

After selling a few mock exams I created a facebook group to help people study, which got popular.  I started doing a few free zooms.  This eventually became a course I offered.  When my schedule got busy with teaching I brought other instructors on to help teach the courses.  

In a nutshell we are a group of BCBAs committed to helping everyone pass this test.  We love seeing our students excel at understanding the material, passing the test, and moving on to become amazing BCBAs committed to helping people!

What are your mock exams and products cheaper than other sites?

Another great question!  I was in your shoes.  I clearly remember not being able to afford study materials for the BCBA® exam.  I wanted to make everything on this site as affordable as possible.  If you are struggling and can’t afford something on this site shoot me a email and I will try to help.

What is the Live Webinar Course?

This course is 12 hours of zoom instruction from one of our wonderful instructors.  We teach you how to study and we go over the task list piece by piece.   It includes a lot of extras like a mock exam and our foundational course..

What is the Foundational Knowledge Course?

I learn best while playing games so I created an online course which is just games and fill-ins.  It has matching, drag and drop, flash card activities on the foundational knowledge section of the task list.

How do I access the live course

The dates of the live course are listed on the product page.  You will receive a welcome email with the zoom room link.  The foundational course and mock exams will be provided immediately after purchase.  

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