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We offer a variety of tools to help you  study for BCBA® exam.   We have a live webinar course which runs over the course of five weeks.  This course is designed to take you through the task list in easy to understand sections.  Included in the course is a Mock Exam our foundational game course and  all our PPTs. 

Live Webinar Course

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$ 159
  • 10 hours of live zoom sessions
  • Access to Foundational Game Course
  • Access to Mock 1
  • Fun and engaging

Mock Exams

Mock Exam 1

150 Questions

Mock Exam 2

150 Questions

Mock Exam 3

150 Questions


All 3 Exams

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Free Webinars Video and Activities

In our facebook group we hold free zoom sessions.  These are the recorded videos (plus a bonus activitiy).  Please create an account to view. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are you?

My name is Dr. Jaime Flowers, I have a PhD in School Psychology and a BCBA.  I have a bunch of other letters that come after my name that have nothing to do with ABA.  I passed theBCBA® on my first try in 2012.  I am currently an Assistant Professor in School Psychology at Stephen F. Austin State University. 

I started teaching the BCBA course sequence at National University and Kaplan University 8 years ago. At that time there was no material to study from so I started making my students mock exams and quizzes. These have been sitting on my computer for the past few years and I thought why not use them to help others. 

The questions are material I created. Please do not replicate the material without my permission. Feel free to use it to study. 

What are your mock exams and products cheaper than other sites?

Another great question!  I was in your shoes.  I clearly remember not being able to afford study materials for the BCBA® exam.  I wanted to make everything on this site as affordable as possible.  If you are struggling and can’t afford something on this site shoot me a email and I will try to help.  

I also am a one person show at this point.  I have very little over head which allows me to provide you with affordable pricing.  

What is the Live Webinar Course?

The course is 10 hours of live webinar instruction on Task List A-k.  We also offer the PPT used in the webinar for separate purchase. 

What is the Foundational Knowledge Course?

A fun class of games (matching, drag and drop, flash card activities) on the foundational knowledge section of the task list.  


To Contact me please email