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Had all the info I needed to pass the Exam. It is organized exactly how the task list is organized. The mock questions are a lot like the exam questions. There is also extra fill in the blank questions. This book really helped me study for the exam.
This study manual is wonderful for behavior technicians that really want to learn about ABA. There is more than enough information provided to help you pass the exam! The mock questions were very true to the exam. I use this book as a reference at work!
This woman did an absolute good job in her work! The book covers the task list 2nd edition and everything you need to pass.>Exam anxiety is probably some people's problem and not the material used in studying or how long they studied.I passed one time just studying with this material

About the Author

Dr. Jaime Flowers


Jaime Flowers is a professor at Stephen F. Austin University.  She teaches in ABA courses and School Psychology courses.  She is passionate about helping people pass their exams and become great practitioners.   She loves disseminating ABA to the world.   She has created a successful CEU program and RBT online training program.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are you?

My name is Dr. Jaime Flowers, I have a PhD in School Psychology and a BCBA.  I have a bunch of other letters that come after my name that have nothing to do with ABA.  I passed the BCBA® on my first try in 2012.  I am currently an Assistant Professor in School Psychology at Stephen F. Austin State University.

I started teaching the BCBA course sequence at National University and Kaplan University 8 years ago. At that time there was no material to study from so I started making my students mock exams and quizzes.  When I had the time I began creating study guides to help people pass the exam!

What are your study guides cheaper than other sites?

Another great question!  I was in your shoes.  I clearly remember not being able to afford study materials for the BCBA® exam.  I wanted to make everything on this site as affordable as possible.  If you are struggling and can’t afford something on this site shoot me a email and I will try to help.

Why are there crosswords in the Behavior Analyst Study Guide?

Because they are fun :)! 

How long does shipping take? 

3-5 days.  Every 3 days I package the new orders up and put them in the mail.  Shipping takes 2 days to most of the USA.  

Can you ship internationally?

Yes.  But you need to email us so we can calculate a shipping cost.  

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