Behavior Analyst Math Workbook

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Welcome to your BCBA Math Workbook, your ultimate companion for mastering the math behind behavior analysis! Dive into a world where numbers and behavior science come together to create effective strategies and solutions. Here’s what you’ll find inside:

  • Setting Initial Criteria for Behavior: Learn the foundational steps for defining behaviors and setting measurable goals.
  • Discontinuous Measurement: Explore techniques for observing and recording behaviors that don’t happen all the time.
  • Rate: Understand how to measure the frequency of behaviors and calculate their rates accurately.
  • Types of IOA: Get to know the different types of Interobserver Agreement and why they matter in behavior analysis.
  • Formulas: Master the key formulas you need for precise data analysis and interpretation.
  • Answers: Check your work and ensure you’re on the right track with detailed answers and explanations.

This study guide is packed with practical examples, easy-to-follow instructions, and plenty of practice problems to build your confidence. Get ready to level up your BCBA math skills and ace your exams with this engaging and informative workbook!


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