Group Purchases

10% off any group package purchase!

You can purchase any of our courses for a group, or for another person.  Accessing the course is very easy.  If you are purchasing as a gift please email the person and let them know before sending the registration link.  On any of the purchase pages there will be a group option.  Even if you are only purchasing for one person select the group option.  Follow the direction below: 

On the Purchase Page

  1. Click group
  2. Add the amount of courses you wish to purchase. 
  3. Select “enroll me” if you will be taking the course. 
  4. Give your group a name (it can be your first name, or anything).  
  5. Pay for the courses and use coupon code “group” to get 10% off. 
  6. Make an account.  

After Purchase 

  1. Go to https://bcba-ceus/group-registration/
  2. Login your account (same login created when you purchased the course subscription). You can reset your password from the account page.
  3. You will see your associated courses and your enrolled users.
  4. Click on enroll new user
  5. Type in their name and email
  6. Click add user
  7. They will receive an email with login information.  If you purchased this as a gift send the person a email to let them know.
  8. You can also have your employee/friend go to the website and click on “my account” and create an account. You can follow the directions above and if they already have an account the course will populate in their account without sending an email.